Body Shapes

Choosing the right colours can help a woman shine as her inner beauty and skin tones become much more visible. 2013-03-25 11.54.55However, many women also often want to know what body shape they are so that they can then select clothes that highlight their key physical assets and minimise the impact of less flattering aspects. Trinny Woodall and Sussanah Constantine in their book “The Body Shape Bible” (Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2007) tell us that there are 12 different body shapes.

The 12 shapes are:

  • Skittle

  •  Cornet

  •  Column

  •  Brick

  •  Goblet

  •  Cello

  • Bell

  •  Lollipop

  • Hourglass

  •  Apple

  •  Vase

  •  Pear

The link below will show you some examples of the 12 types, and photos of some well know celebreties as great examples.

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