Fashion tips

Why do most of us tend to wear certain colours?

The reason for this is that we all have a unique skin toning. The objective for a Colour Consultant is to reveal colour harmonies, which will balance the natural beauty within every individual. Nature has given you a distinct colour harmony that you can use to your own advantage.2013-02-12 14.59.52


 Our system has divided the colours into four seasons – summer, spring, autumn and winter. There are cool and warm variations for each season. I will show you how to get 400 colour combinations from your own personal colour fabric swatch of 25 colours.

Typical Hair Colours

 One of the first questions women ask me is ‘what colour should my hair be?’ It’s a good question, because sometimes there are women who are unsure of the correct shade they should choose. It is absolutely fine to dye your hair or let it go grey – simply make sure if you do opt to dye to choose a colour from your season (during a consultation you will find out what colours are suitable for you). In my sessions I find that women want to colour their hair for one of three reasons: to stay blonde, to cover grey, or to give themselves a natural boost. 

Hair colour is simple once you know your season; any dye colour or highlighting should go with your colouring, not against it.

DID YOU KNOW? Jan also can run a free mini-workshop for the staff at your Hairdressing salon demonstrating different skin tonings and matching hair colours. If you think your hairdressor would be interested just email me their contact details and I can follow this up.

Jan’s 10 Tips for Creating Your Own Style

The right choice of colours in your life can make you look really stylish and in tune with your wardrobe, some tips for creating your own style that I like to share with people are:

  1. Wear what you really like, from your heart, you don’t have to follow what everyone else is doing.

  2. Add colour – be it in a bag, scarf, jewellery or shoes it will make you look happy and feel vibrant.

  3. Invest in good basics, keep it simple. Add a seasonal piece each year.

  4. Feel good in your body and you can look unreal in your clothes, no matter what your body shape.

  5. Accessories can be very valuable to you so never throw them out.

  6. Style is about the individual  – not the specific fashion of the clothes you may wear.

  7. Don’t blindly follow a fashion fad, buy good pieces, look after them and wear them to death!

  8. Comfort and Function are the keys.

  9. When purchasing clothes ask yourself these three questions: Do I love this outfit? Am I happy to buy? Can I do better?

  10. Wear what makes you happy!

So don’t be driven by other people’s fads – truly elegant ladies fashions never go out of style. A fabric colour swatch of your colours is a key tool for you when shopping – it lets you assess the colour and textures that are going to look fabulous on you.

 Matching Accessories for Impact 

Choosing the right accessories to accentuate and highlight your natural colours and inner beauty can be easy to do with you own personalised fabric colour swatch. All colours consultations will include a fabric swatch with your basic and star colours and this can be used when selecting scarves, spectacle frames, necklaces, jewellry or handbags.

DID YOU KNOW? What happens when you pick the wrong colour

The wrong colours on you can make your complexion look pale, sallow, or ‘muddy’ and will accentuate lines or shadows around the mouth and nose. It can also exaggerate dark circles under the eyes as well as any skin blotches; and can age your face. If the colour chosen is too strong it can ‘pop out’, pushing your face into the background.

 Buying the Right Eye Wear

The effects achieved by clothes are particularly evident where eye wear is concerned, as these are in direct proximity to the eyes, the skin and hair. Fashion eye wear does not have to expensive but it should match your skin tonings.

The Winter and Summer cool skin tonings look beautiful in purples, blues and matt silver. Some examples of these colours are shown below (frames courtesy of Greg Sly, Optometry, Ocean Grove).

 2013-11-06 15.25.282013-02-12 14.09.25  Coco Song 3-D layering effect glasses can match any outfit you wear.


2013-11-06 15.40.19

People who belong to Spring or Autumn seasons look best in warm, vivid colours such as gold, yellow, aqua and red. Some examples of those are shown below.

 2013-11-06 15.56.31

Fo the best results you should have a colours analysis done which provides you with a colour swatch; always use the colours in your swatch to guide you on your best colour options.

All spectacles and frames courtesy of Greg Sly, Optometry, Ocean Grove.