Four Seasons Gallery

This gallery shows examples of the typical skin tonings and colours worn by each of the four seasons colour types.


What are the four seasons colours?


Elizabeth is a classic Summer skin toning and seen here wearing some of the new seasons scarves. Over 80% of all people are either Summers or Winters. Some famous Summers are Lady Dianna Princess of Wales and Princess Grace of Monaco.

Summer collection Liz July 2013


Sally is a classic spring with light golden undertonings and can be golden blonde or light auburn hair. Famous springs are Nicole Kidman and Cameron Ling!

Spring Collection Sally July 2013


Sophie is beautiful example a Winter, with a cool olive skin tone and dark hair. Famous Winters are Megan Gale and Elizabeth Taylor.

Winter collection Sophie July 2013

My thanks go to the Vue Grande Hotel and Beach Club Clothing company, Queenscliff for allowing us to use their premises for these lovely photographs!


Autumn colourings are far less common and account for only 5% of the population. I am still searching for a loca model so in the meantime I will have to do!

Famous Autumns are Katherine Hepburn and Rhonda Burchmore and me!

Jan's web image

Jan’s Colour Studio

My colours studio is set up with a range of beautiful scarves sorted by season, so once you have had your colours done you can see straight away some accessories that will suit your skin toning. As well as this I have my Seasons Fashion Pin Boards with examples of other clothes and colours that illustrate your colours in today’s fashions.

I also stock a large range of scarves at very affordable prices.

2013-09-05 16.15.49

Ocean Grove Scarf Workshops

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